30 mar 2019
644 229 Áhorf

Sponsored by EA | Click the link here to download Battlefield V Firestorm on PC, Xbox, and PS4: x.ea.com/57733
Song 1: 80Fitz - Irrelevant
Song 2: Toby Fox - Megalovania
Song 3: Joe Slay - Attention
Song 4: Machinima Sound - Battle of Kings

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  • I told people to subscribe and use your code in fortnite

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  • I thought Harry was edited out of the UUDD vid, but he barely talked any moreso in his own vid lol

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  • 2020

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  • Play wwe 2k

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  • There's no difference between Harry's fortnite and battlefield 😂🤣😂

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  • i feel like warzone took this game and ran with it

    Lke 99Lke 996 mánuðum síðan
  • I just discovered this in quarantine

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  • I love you harry plsssss reply

    Hermione CowleyHermione Cowley8 mánuðum síðan
  • This was only 9 month ago WTF he looks so young he’s only 22 on here he’s 23 now smh sad what drugs do, people might think it’s a joke but it’s a real serious illness I speak from experience.

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  • Preston

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  • What game is this???

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  • Please upload on your main channel

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  • S

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  • Last

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  • I completely forgot he had this channel.

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  • Rest of team: YES LETS GOOOOOO Harry: Lovely Jublee

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  • Trash

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  • Good

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  • Xavier woods is in the NEW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Check out a channel called youngters football it's my channel and i am a big fan of you and i was wondering if you can come down to Scotland bellshill just look on google map and type bellshill try to get back type back on one of our comments on a vid. Bwt the logo for our channel is a red boot on top of a yellow ball or type youngters football and look for a boy lying on astrotuf plz

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  • Why don’t you upload on your main

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  • Someone shut that bitch up.

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  • My step dad works for ea

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  • I live in the bronx Grand concuce 170 new York

  • I though Harry was loud

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  • Is it just me or are they ignoring Harry

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  • Is this pubg

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  • My worlds are colliding right now 😂

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  • Prestonplayz styles. Com

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  • Harry’s face of concentration 😂

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  • You went all the way to new York to play a game lol geek

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  • Please use helpW2S in the fortnite store because I have stage 4 if you don’t get it’s the last stage of cancer

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  • .You are the biggest noob

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  • What is your gamer tag for Xbox

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  • Has anyone else thought that w2s is adopted because his sister and brother look the same but not him and like if u would smash his sister.

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  • Omg u played with Xavier

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  • Harry played with Preston plays I am subscribed to him

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  • Why don't you do a video about buying packs and putting the best player into your team and if you lose a game you need to do a forfeit

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  • The Ztrike Brothers 👍 channel

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  • Play pacybits

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  • Can you play fortnite

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  • Iv done a diss track on w2s

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  • Preston and the cringey others won’t shut up

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    • Ye

      Brendan FoxBrendan FoxÁri síðan
  • Right how much did they give you to sit with auto tune ,minecrafter and who’s the last guy

  • 6:35 song?

    JCJCÁri síðan
  • Yoo harry i have a dream and that is to do a crossbar challenge with you because i love all your vids so i am from holland btw bit yeah i really hope one time this would happen

    Jordy PoppemaJordy PoppemaÁri síðan
    • My instagram is jordy_0599

      Jordy PoppemaJordy PoppemaÁri síðan
  • Thought he was here for the fortnite World Cup

    Jayden AkpobomeJayden AkpobomeÁri síðan
  • Ngl you're trash but good luck

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  • Do a fifa 19 fifa bingo with capguntom

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  • Harry be screamin like he seen a ghost😂

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  • Roses are red Grass is greener When i think of you I play with my weener

    Mitchel MglincheyMitchel MglincheyÁri síðan
  • You have Preston the mincraft pro leading a team of people who want to win then you have harry screaming his head off for half the video 😂

    Anthony CroucherAnthony CroucherÁri síðan
  • Naic !!!!😎😎😘😘

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  • 9.48 Austin augie lol

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  • His teammates voices make me want to kill my self

  • Why don't you play fortnite anymore w2s

    Brian ortizBrian ortizÁri síðan
  • Harry your shotgun

    GloomeikoGloomeikoÁri síðan
  • In New York I milly rock

    Ice Wallow KumIce Wallow KumÁri síðan
  • Teammates are so cringe. Soz Harry. Have a bottle of vodka to recover

    Alex GreenAlex GreenÁri síðan
  • Rosie is hot

    Jake BJake BÁri síðan
  • Go back to New York this Saturday plz

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  • 🖐🇹🇷

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  • Thought this was a vlog rip

    Conor ClarkeConor ClarkeÁri síðan
  • Whats happened to your main channel

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  • Fuck u bitch

    ahmed Sahmed SÁri síðan
  • Go back to your old channel

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  • Go watch wrestlemania 35

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  • i was just there

    Ben McSkimmingBen McSkimmingÁri síðan
  • When article 13 hits

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  • You’re ass bruv

    Joshua OteroJoshua OteroÁri síðan
  • Pbybihb

    Harley DugdaleHarley DugdaleÁri síðan
  • you should come to Nantucket it is near cape cod look it up. I am a huge fan and so are my friends hope to see you Harry

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  • harry is a 🥔

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  • basically pub g with better graphics

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  • Harry reusing an old clip of him jumping in the channel from Guernsey

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  • U there for Wrestlemania?

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  • Do gta more

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  • Who loves wwe like this comment.

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  • Please use help W2S in the fortnite store..... A 194!!!!

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  • Was this at Casey Neistat's place?

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  • What happened to your main account

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  • Keep up the good videos Harry.👍👊❤

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  • just stick to fifa

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  • Oooo try hard Harry lol 😂

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  • harry - always gets mad at EA, and chats shit about their games... EA: sponsors W2S...

    KyltaaaKyltaaaÁri síðan
  • Surprised he afforded it

    GedvisHDGedvisHDÁri síðan
  • ‘Valkyrie’ cos they just is her name Harry do your research VALKYRAE😂

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  • all the way to New York to play battlefield 😂😂

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  • Wrong channel Harry

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  • Subscribe to me if your a true w2s player

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  • That Trevor guy is a left winged prick

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  • Graphics arr insane

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  • Shout out to battlefields 😃

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  • He’s dog shit at the game 😂

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  • your aim dud. (it suck)shuuuuu

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  • This morning I saw the video and thought it said uploaded 1 year ago. Found out I was wrong because of Instagram.

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