W2S Plays GTA 5 - F**K SLOW AND STEADY - GTA 5 Funny Moments

18 ágú 2014
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  • Straight cuntyness there.

    Proud R.A.F. CadetProud R.A.F. Cadet2 árum síðan
  • Not slow and steady but slow and caddy hahah:)

    Koen BenschopKoen Benschop4 árum síðan
  • Yh

    _andrewmcg 1_andrewmcg 14 árum síðan
  • April 2016 any1??

    xR34con_xR34con_4 árum síðan
  • 👦🏿👳🏿💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨🙎🏿🌚🍼🇸🇦

    Poo WeePoo Wee4 árum síðan
  • uploud

    Tonyboss 354Tonyboss 3544 árum síðan
  • harry you are so shit at GTA 5 lol

    Urban VehiclesUrban Vehicles4 árum síðan
    • Hammer Fist &

      f2 stockcarsf2 stockcars3 árum síðan
  • lol

    Lennon PollardLennon Pollard4 árum síðan
  • Awesome

    Thomas GrayThomas Gray4 árum síðan
  • 2016

  • He looks like h2o delirious

    FlamesGayFlamesGay4 árum síðan
  • Why does Harry gta character looks like h20 delirious

    The Jack HynesThe Jack Hynes5 árum síðan
  • where was KSI / jj

    Khusrav BhajiwallaKhusrav Bhajiwalla5 árum síðan
  • Whats The Music At 3:30

    Sean MurphySean Murphy5 árum síðan
  • More gta

    Kenny JonesKenny Jones5 árum síðan
  • Does Simon not like Harry? Always seems to be blunt with him but not with anyone else.

    TrickyMicky123456TrickyMicky1234566 árum síðan
  • Smelly willy 😁😁

    Jack DaleJack Dale6 árum síðan
  • I am your biggest fan I have ever got the same jumper as you

    Josh DixonJosh Dixon6 árum síðan
  • Harry can you subscribe got my Chanel

    harry daviesharry davies6 árum síðan
  • anyone got the social club link to the parkour one?

    JayeJaye6 árum síðan
  • couldve just jumped into the finish rofl

    petterwiikpetterwiik6 árum síðan
  • Coots light uk ad arh

    George CliffordGeorge Clifford6 árum síðan
  • Harry should play outlast

    Jordna CrookJordna Crook6 árum síðan
  • God Bless🙏🙏🙏🙏

    MarkMark6 árum síðan
  • Yay another late video from harry, fucking great

    MiniWIzardMiniWIzard6 árum síðan
  • Wow w2s you're a big noob. When you were near the finish line in the first race, you could have jumped on the car and jumped one more time then you would have finished, but instead you became a noob.

    ღ AMJ ღღ AMJ ღ6 árum síðan
  • Hi you amazing people please can you help me reach 250 sub's? It's not much but it would mean the world to me :)

    ollierogers 5ollierogers 56 árum síðan
  • Lol

    sacha davainesacha davaine6 árum síðan
  • how does a battery powered golf cart explode lol

    Brian JohnstonBrian Johnston6 árum síðan
    • Batteries explode

      ginj4ninj4180ginj4ninj41806 árum síðan
  • I watched this on Viks channel 2 weeks ago

    eths eeths e6 árum síðan
  • S

    Nikola DunjicNikola Dunjic6 árum síðan
  • This was uploaded by the others about a month ago

    Adam WilletsAdam Willets6 árum síðan
  • Harry should have jumped on his car

    GamingTalkTodayGamingTalkToday6 árum síðan
  • Love ur vids but where is ksi

    Micah HamiltonMicah Hamilton6 árum síðan
  • this is good but on the other sidemen channels i saw this ages ago

    zExtRaSki11zZxzExtRaSki11zZx6 árum síðan

    Preston MoultryPreston Moultry6 árum síðan
  • Get of your ass and do more

    Neil MooreNeil Moore6 árum síðan

    TT6 árum síðan
  • Ethan is Tom Daley cause he's gay:)

    qasim khalidqasim khalid6 árum síðan
  • Follow twitch.tv/spinbros

    Ashley MillsAshley Mills6 árum síðan
  • 3 weeks old

    Edward GallowayEdward Galloway6 árum síðan
  • Ah, look who finally posted a FIVE MINUTE gta video!

    biglad7127biglad71276 árum síðan
  • U could of just parked under the finish and climbed on top of your caddy

    xXinsane gamerXxxXinsane gamerXx6 árum síðan
  • I remember when Harry said in a Q&A that he plays loads of different games on thisbchannel, but really its just GTA

    Jan Peter BalkenendeJan Peter Balkenende6 árum síðan
  • Make a new video on WROETOSHAW

    dreamleague championdreamleague champion6 árum síðan
  • you play that in the last month!!!! Harry

    Tamir23Tamir236 árum síðan
  • Was you playing with the gaming lemon?

    FaTbAbY45FaTbAbY456 árum síðan
  • What's the song at 4:51 plz tell me

    zawgodzawgod6 árum síðan
    • Audiomachine - Guardians at the gate

      George HarrisonGeorge Harrison6 árum síðan
    • Thanks so much

      zawgodzawgod6 árum síðan
    • Audiomachine - Guardians at the Gate

      Trasch HenriTrasch Henri6 árum síðan
  • Am I the only one who had seen the first race on Vikk's channel

    Connor BourneConnor Bourne6 árum síðan
  • how does ur second channel have more subs than tbjzl first channel when u upload about once a month

    BrosGaming HdBrosGaming Hd6 árum síðan
  • Finally

    Steven MendietaSteven Mendieta6 árum síðan
  • you should upload more videos on this channel

    Hector MendozaHector Mendoza6 árum síðan
  • Im going to show you the most frequent uploaders from the sidemen 1. Behzinga 2. Miniminter 3. Vikkstar 4. Zerkaa 5. TBJZL 6. Ksi 7. Wroetoshaw

    Bakr MediaBakr Media6 árum síðan
    • tbjzl? you dumb? tobi uploads just as much as ethan and reply's to tonnes of comments

      Sub for no reason? how high can i reach?Sub for no reason? how high can i reach?6 árum síðan
    • +bakr123HD At least he uploads more than you -_-

      DatGamingBeastDatGamingBeast6 árum síðan
    • Harry uploads more than jj m8

      James YoungJames Young6 árum síðan
  • This vid is so.old

    Noel ConcepcionNoel Concepcion6 árum síðan
  • loving the Of Monsters and Men

    Future Drive GamesFuture Drive Games6 árum síðan
  • He should have just got out of the caddie and stood ontop of it under the finish line? haha

    DrunkYetiDrunkYeti6 árum síðan
    • That's what i was thinking xD

      xWilkyHDxWilkyHD6 árum síðan
    • Thats how vikk finished haha

      Edward AEdward A6 árum síðan
  • Fuck u

    MrRajah786MrRajah7866 árum síðan
  • You suck

    XxGalaticGamerXxGalaticGamer6 árum síðan
  • you should have just stood on top of your car at the finish line it would have been quicker

    Stephen ApplebyStephen Appleby6 árum síðan
  • FIFA 14

    Shehzada RizwanShehzada Rizwan6 árum síðan
  • Thanks for uploading

    echoecho6 árum síðan
  • Are you going to do the ice bucket challenge

    Nick PattersonNick Patterson6 árum síðan
  • Love your videoes but join in when the sidemen play cod plz.

    Lahib AhmedLahib Ahmed6 árum síðan
  • Harry, you played this race a long time ago and post it now.vikk uploaded this a few months ago.

    Lahib AhmedLahib Ahmed6 árum síðan
  • Racist bastard

    VImTo 97VImTo 976 árum síðan
  • Get out and stand on top deer

    Freestyle gamingFreestyle gaming6 árum síðan

    mcplop99mcplop996 árum síðan
  • Get out the caddy and stand on top of it?

    StuggyyStuggyy6 árum síðan
  • 100

    ExtremeStunts 223ExtremeStunts 2236 árum síðan

    Fredrik MalmgrenFredrik Malmgren6 árum síðan
    • Because then it would have not been entertaining

      F1XL Nut HeadF1XL Nut Head6 árum síðan
    • No, ofc not. You're Kolo Toure.

      Fredrik MalmgrenFredrik Malmgren6 árum síðan
    • Im not upset, i guess

      Iphone 7Iphone 76 árum síðan
    • Al right. There is no need to be upset, I guess.

      Fredrik MalmgrenFredrik Malmgren6 árum síðan
    • Who gives a fuck?

      Iphone 7Iphone 76 árum síðan
  • @W2S Harry, On ur twitter pls answer my tweet :( I feel like im getting annoyed by my no.1 youtube :( pls harry

    MincraftFemzyMincraftFemzy6 árum síðan
    • I don't think annoyed is the right word choice there

      Branden ChamberlainBranden Chamberlain6 árum síðan
  • U were nominated by deji to do ice bucket challenge u have less than 24 hours Harry !!!!!!

    ElainearrietaaElainearrietaa6 árum síðan
  • You're like 3 weeks behind mate :)

    lawseyitfclawseyitfc6 árum síðan
  • Harry post all u can on GTA because there is a flight school update

    Brandon KingBrandon King6 árum síðan

    TKFFTKFF6 árum síðan
  • No Ksi no party!

    RogueRogue6 árum síðan
  • why didn't they just climb up on their cadies to finish the race?

    MrOliver335MrOliver3356 árum síðan
  • U going to do als chalange deji nomed u

    FIFAxLM ps3FIFAxLM ps36 árum síðan
  • get on the roof of your caddy!

    VaeghVaegh6 árum síðan
  • so old :/

    KevzzDZNKevzzDZN6 árum síðan
  • You could have climbed on your car

    Harry PeacockHarry Peacock6 árum síðan
  • Can u upload more and longer gta videos

    aap004aap0046 árum síðan
  • HARRY !!! Comedyshortsgamer challenge u foe Icebucketchallenge !!!! Like guys to let him see

    Aziz AlMutairiAziz AlMutairi6 árum síðan
  • Harry's logic: Have to finish above Vikk so I'll wait at the finish line for him then finish!

    momo6 árum síðan
  • Why didn't they just stand on the top of the caddy to win?

    Magnus Nordberg GulstadMagnus Nordberg Gulstad6 árum síðan
  • Finally

    Aria AssadiAria Assadi6 árum síðan
  • All the single ladies (•_•)

    Patrick TPatrick T6 árum síðan
  • Vick posted this like a week ago ...

    Aldin SisanovicAldin Sisanovic6 árum síðan
    • Haha longer than a week mate

      James YoungJames Young6 árum síðan
    • And all the others apart frm jj posted like 2 weeks ago

      JirwinJirwin6 árum síðan
    • Ikr.

      Colin VogelColin Vogel6 árum síðan
  • Why didn't they finish by standing on the caddy

    WHG GamingWHG Gaming6 árum síðan
  • Subscribe to Jwba69 he is doing coin give a way on fifa14/15 so subscribe

    KMC TVKMC TV6 árum síðan
  • Need to post more vids Harry... 2weeks waiting

    emmily bleachemmily bleach6 árum síðan
  • If you crossed the finish line you would have beaten vik anyway you dipshit

    Igor WheelieIgor Wheelie6 árum síðan
    • Logic

      Blake BemroseBlake Bemrose6 árum síðan
  • Comedy shorts gamer challenged w2s ksi and miniminter to the ice bucket challenge

    ciaran wallaceciaran wallace6 árum síðan
  • Get off the caddy and climb on top of it?

    Elliot RobbinsElliot Robbins6 árum síðan
  • First who watch the vid!

    JorisH10JorisH106 árum síðan
  • Why bad quality ?

    Joe CoundleyJoe Coundley6 árum síðan
  • lol you are only like 3 weeks late to upload this video... :/ if u see simon , josh and vikk have already uploaded this

    Yosef ButrosYosef Butros6 árum síðan
  • How fucking old is this

    dan1yardan1yar6 árum síðan
  • 50th

    Big G GamingBig G Gaming6 árum síðan
  • I must've watched these races about 2 weeks ago

    Aidan BoyceAidan Boyce6 árum síðan